i -PAYMENT METHOD - Presenter/Participant 


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1. The registration fees are listed in RM (Ringgit Malaysia), payment is also required in RM (Ringgit Malaysia). All participants must pay the applicable registration fees, including workshop speakers. 

2. We have implemented NO-SHOW POLICY, which means only presented papers will be published in potential publications as mentioned on the website.


3. NO CASH Payment will be accepted during the event day.


Please Note: 

1. Registration discounts expire at 11:59 pm ET on the dates mentioned on the fees info page.

2. Please note, your REGISTRATION and PAYMENT must be completed as two separate transactions.

3. Early bird by May 15th, 2019


ii -PAYMENT METHOD - Poster / Workshop


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1. Please UPLOAD your "Proof of Payment" during ONLINE REGISTRATION process.
2. Please also bring a copy of "Proof of Payment" on registration on the registration day.



Instruction for UPSI PhD/ Master mode A or B (postgraduate) students ONLY:


1. Download "Application Form to Attend Training / Seminar / Conference for Post-Graduate Students" (Click).

2. Once you have completed the form, kindly submit the form to your respective faculty for approval.

3. Please attached the document as proof of payment during registration.

*** UPSI STUDENT participant must upload their VALID STUDENT ID
If you encounter any problems with the payment, please contact us via email: bendahari.icte@gmail.com.