Call for papers

​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


Authors are invited to submit original papers, review papers, work-in progress and papers in the areas mentioned below. Prospective authors should submit their full paper by September , 2018. The paper should clearly explain the originality and the relevance to the field and should follow the guide for author provided in the conference website. All submitted papers will be evaluated by a peer review process.



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THEMES : Education 4.0 - Future Learning 

Topic includes but not limited to

Track 1: Innovative technologies, applications, tools, and environments in education.

  • Augmented Reality

  • Knowledge Management

  • Multimedia

  • Cloud Computing

  • Web Semantic

  • Mobile Computing

  • Open Source in Education

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Virtual Reality

  • Hologram

  • Internet of Thing

  • MOOC

  • Multi Cloud Marketplace

Track 2: Game Based Learning.

  • Game-Based Learning (Board game, physical game, digital game, simulation game mobile apps game)

  • Serious games (games to educate, to train and to inform in the field of education, business, military, health, medical and rehabilitation, sport, hazard, war simulation and others)

  • Simulation technology

  • Technologies for mobile and multi-user games

  • Technology for massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) for learning

Track 3: Assessment and Evaluation in ICT Learning

  • Pedagogical/learning theories for ICT  learning

  • Integration of ICT into the curriculum

  • ICT to teach arts, science, or businessMotivational aspects of ICT  learning

  • Achieving sustainable impact with ICT learning

Track 4: Issues and Challenges in 4.0 Education

  • Gender/age/cultural issues

  • Ethical concerns of 4.0 Education (for young children, adolescents, etc)

  • Social and collaborative aspects of 4.0 Education

  • Best practices in 4.0 Education

  • Implementation of 4.0 Education


Full Paper writing templates: Click to download

  • Make sure that your paper is compliant with the conference template.

  • Full paper: minimum 5 pages & maximum 10 pages.

  • Do not include page numbers.