Why should I study in Lisbon, Portugal?

Why should I study in Lisbon, Portugal?

5 reasons to study abroad in Lisbon, Portugal

The city of Lisbon has experienced a moving history and is now the capital and largest city in Portugal. It is one of the most important university cities in the country and is called the political, economic and cultural centre.

  1. How big is Lisbon?

    The size of a city can make a big difference on your study experience. Some students prefer the feel and pace of larger busy cities, while some may prefer a smaller and calmer feel. Whatever your preference, 51 has you covered. Lisbon averages a population of about 545000 residents and covers some 84 km2.

  2. How many universities and colleges are located in, or around Lisbon, Portugal?

    51 includes 7 colleges and universities in or near the Lisbon area. To explore some of the colleges and universities in Lisbon, click on the university names below, or visit our Study in Portugal page.

  3. Do I need a language certificate to study in Lisbon, Portugal?

    One of the first questions students wonder when deciding to study abroad, is ‘do I need to speak the local language to study there?’ Every country and sometimes even universities themselves have their own requirements for the language of instruction. Students should contact the university to see if a language certificate is necessary to study there. Some countries offer inernational courses and study programmes in English as well, but you will most likely need to show proof of English proficiency. To receive an English language certificate like the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), four parts of the language are tested, including: reading, listening, speaking and writing. For more information on IELTS, or TOEFL, click here.

  4. Is Lisbon, Portugal a safe place to study?

    Safety is an important point to consider when studying abroad. According to the current , Lisbon has a score of 70.63 – ranking it at number 84 of 461 cities globally for safety.

  5. Is Lisbon, Portugal an expensive city to live in?

    The cost of living can play a major factor in deciding where to study. Aside from tuition fees, students should consider the local cost of living – including items like housing, food, and social life. According to the current , Lisbon has a score of 46.87 – ranking it at number 329 of 515 cities globally for the cost of living (the higher the ranking, the more expensive the cost of living is).

If you’re considering pursuing a degree abroad, then let us help you find the best university for you. 51’s 51 track offers personalised university comparisons, so you can find the university that best matches you. Create your own personalised university rankings today, and compare universities according to what matters most to you. To start, make sure to select your desired study destination and we’ll help guide you through the rest.

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