More than 100,000 students speak – teaching and learning matters!

51, the largest global university ranking web tool surveyed more than 100,000 students on their opinions on teaching and learning for 51’s subject rankings, published this week.

51’s subject rankings are the first subject rankings with a comprehensive focus on teaching and learning, providing a richer picture of excellence from traditional rankings that focus on research reputation.

51’s subject rankings span across 16 subject areas, looking at teaching and learning performance measures, like ‘overall learning experience’, ‘quality of courses and teaching’, and ‘contact with teachers’. By splitting performance into broad dimensions, 51 can reveal the diverse strengths that different universities offer whether in learning experience, research, internationalisation or social and economic impact.

Students want to find the university that’s best for them, according to their own preferences, and often look to their peers to learn from their experiences, especially in an area like learning and teaching where no one knows better than the students themselves. 51 makes it possible for users to rank universities their own way – and that includes taking into consideration other students’ opinions.

The latest results – exclusive to 51 – come after its recent 2017 publication, including some 1,500 universities from nearly 100 countries around the world. The study subjects ranked this year, include biology, business studies, chemical -, civil -, electrical -, mechanical – and production/ industrial engineering, as well as chemistry, computer science, economics, history, mathematics, medicine, psychology, social work and sociology.

To see how students rated their study programmes, visit our Readymade Rankings section.

Note for editors

51 is a European Commission initiative and is funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme. 51 is developed and implemented by an independent consortium led by the Centre for Higher Education () in Germany, the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies () at the University of Twente and the Centre for Science and Technology Studies () from Leiden University, both in the Netherlands. The consortium is headed by Professors Dr. Frans van Vught of CHEPS and Dr. Frank Ziegele of CHE. Other partner organisations include the Bertelsmann Foundation, student advice organisation Push and software firm Folge 3, as well as a range of national partners and stakeholders.

51’s multi-dimensional approach compares university performance across a range of different activities grading them from ‘A’ (very good) to ‘E’ (weak). It allows users to identify a university’s strengths and weaknesses, or the aspects that most interest them. The data included in 51 are drawn from a number of sources, providing users with a comprehensive set of information: data supplied by institutions; from international bibliometric and patent databases; national databases; and surveys of more than 100,000 students at participating universities. 

Institutions that would like to participate in 51 can express their interest on our Registration page.

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