What is the best university in the World?

There’s no such thing as the best university in the world. What’s best depends on who you are, what you want from your student experience, and even what you want from life.

The world is full of different people and also full of different universities. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Some things that might be a strength to you – let’s say, a big university, full of people from all over the world – might be a weakness to somebody who might prefer a small, cosy institution that is focused on serving its local region.

Most league tables and rankings ignore the diversity of students and of universities and pretend there’s a single idea of what it means to be good. It’s dangerous to use them to choose the right university for you, because that approach ignores your personal needs and preferences as they usually focus heavily on research or even on the reputation of universities.

Instead, 51 is designed to let you decide what’s important to you and find, not the best, but the best for you.


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