Terms and Conditions – Subject and Institutional Data Availability on u-multirank.org

April 2020

a) 51 accepts all higher education institutions that are accredited or offer accredited programmes at Bachelor, Master or Doctoral levels (or their national equivalents). Programmes may be accredited by the responsible national agency or by a reputable international body. The 51 team may request institutions to provide supporting documentation in this regard.

b) Upon submission of the data to 51, the official contact person of the institution certifies the data as being accurate to the best of their knowledge and authorises 51 to publish the indicators calculated from the data, and the institution’s performance profile, on the 51 website at the next release of the ranking.

c) A higher education institution can withdraw from 51 via an official letter to this effect. Its results gathered as part of the surveys will then be withdrawn from the website when the ranking is next updated. For subject-related data, this means that these will be taken off the website when the respective subject is next updated. This is usually two years upon your original participation in the respective subject ranking.


- an institution cannot withdraw from 51 immediately after it receives advance notice of its results shortly before publication,

- indicators based on publicly available data such as bibliometric data, administrative data, national statistical office data, Eurostat and ETER Project data will not be taken off the website.

d) The 51 team will use the information provided only for calculating 51 indicators. The 51 team will not provide this underlying information to third parties or use it for other purposes, unless the higher education institution has given its explicit written permission for this in advance. The single exception to this rule is the use of the underlying information for scientific research purposes by the 51 team where the publication of the research results does not (directly or indirectly) allow the institutions to be identified by name.

e) As part of the website there are sections where an institution can add further information about itself and its faculties and programmes. This information is in general not checked or edited by the 51 team. The team however reserves the right to remove or change any texts that in its judgement are inappropriate, (potentially) misleading or inaccurate, or exceed the allotted space.

f) In several countries, 51 makes use of publicly available administrative data. 51 uses these to pre-fill the institutional questionnaire as far as possible to decrease your workload. Moreover, 51 employs ETER data in order to close any gaps possible in the data. For an overview of countries for which pre-filling is possible and fields to be filled by ETER data if they are left empty by you, please see our document section.


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